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Hello, one reader and Googlebot!

13 February, 2014, by iainhallam, category Musings

It’s traditional to launch a new effort with a Hello World! I’m thinking there’s not seven billion people reading this post.

So (“so”!) what’s the plan? There isn’t much of one, really, except to say that I have some things to write down that are more involved than a quick post on Facebook or Twitter.

Why now? Because I want to start writing a post about how Trello (and task boards in general) handle hierarchy, and there’s no time like the present for getting away from a bunch of text files synchronised between machines.

I have quite a wide range of interests, so I’ll try to categorise my posts accordingly – if you’re only interested in the music, for example, you might want to follow that category only: https://www.iainhallam.com/category/music/feed/ is the URL you’ll need in that case. I’m sure you can extrapolate for the others.

And now, to finish with a quote:

Lay on, MacDuck, and damned be him who first cries ‘Hold! enuck!’


So, what do you think ?